Since I got bored by the games on my mobile phone, I created a MineSweeper clone for it myself. MineSweeper is a puzzle game which is distributed with Microsoft Windows, so most people know it from there. I've not written any documentation about what the rules of the game are, since most people already know them :-).


Download it here.


Some screenshots of MineSweeper taken with the Nokia 7210 SDK emulator.

Hardware requirements

You need a device such as a mobile phone or PDA that supports installing and running custom Java applications. (The Java runtime environment on mobile devices is often referred to as MIDP.)

Also, you need a color screen. It is very well possible to adapt it to work with black/white screens as well, but I simply haven't had the time to do that yet. If many people want it, I might take some effort creating a black/white version just as well.

Thirdly, you need to have some way to get the game into your mobile phone. I use the Nokia software of my phone and an infrared (IrDA) connection. See Installation below for more details.

Currently the game has been tested on the following mobile devices:

  • Nokia 6610
  • Nokia 7250
But it will also work on a whole bunch of other phones! If your device is not listed here, but the game worked with your phone, please mail me so I can add the phone to this list.


The games consists of two files, a .jad file and a .jar file. The .jar file is actually a Java archive which contains the game logic and data; the .jad file contains information about the Application in the .jar file. For as far as I've understood you can download a MIDP program to your phone using the mobile phone network, but the cheapiest way is of course via your PC. Since that's the only way I ever tried (and needed to try), I always use my PC.

At first I have software from Nokia (the Nokia PC Suite), which was distributed with the phone on CD, but can also be found on Nokias site. This software suite contains a program called 'Nokia Application Installer'. With this program, you can install a MIDP program on your Nokia phone using a serial, IrDA (infrared) or Bluetooth connection. I always use the IrDA connection, because I do not have the (expensive) Nokia USB cable and my phone doesn't support Bluetooth, but am lucky to find IrDA on my laptop.

So you can install MineSweeper for MIDP on your mobile phone as follows:

  • Download the MineSweeper.jar and MineSweeper.jad files to your computer
  • Connect your phone to your computer (in my case I select 'Infrared' in the 'Connections' menu of my phone and hold the phones IrDA connector straight in front of the IrDA connector of my laptop)
  • Start the program for your PC supplied with your phone for installling MIDP applications (e.g. Nokia Application Installer)
  • In this program, select the MineSweeper.jad file you just dowloaded and click on Install or a similar button.
  • The program will probably notify you that the installation has succeeded
  • Now, on your phone, go to the Applications menu or equivalent and select 'MineSweeper' to play the game. (Note: on my phone it does not appear in the Games menu, but in the Application menu!)


If you have any problems with this program, found any bug or have any other question about this game, please mail me.


You are free to download and play MineSweeper for MIDP, but you are not allowed to modify, decompile, sell or redistribute it.

Also, this software is supplied 'as is' and without any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.

By downloading this software you agree to the terms of this license.

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