On this page you can find all kinds of articles and projects in the scope of my Mathematics study.
  • V-variable Fractals: Theory and Implementation, Bram Kuijvenhoven, June 2007. A report I wrote for an assignment for the course Random Graphs and Fractals in Delft. PDF (2.8 MB); see also the page on V-variable fractals.
  • The Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Competing Risks with Interval Censoring, Bram Kuijvenhoven, 2005. An article I wrote as part of my Bachelor project under supervision of Prof. Groeneboom. PDF, Programs and source.
  • Periodic Tilings and Symmetry Groups, Bram Kuijvenhoven, May 2006. A handout for my presentation in the course on Periodic Tilings and Dynamical Systems in Leiden. PDF; see also the page on Tilings.
  • The Arithmetic Geometric Mean Inequality. My solution to an assignment to proof the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality, Bram Kuijvenhoven, April 2005. PDF.

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